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tv   ABC2 News at 5PM  ABC  April 13, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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one weather woe. other than that, we are crystal clear rs not a cloud in the sky on radar or satellite view. as we look south and west, eyes are on the southern plains, north of the texas stateline and oklahoma, supercell thunderstorms, likely to produce tornados as we go in to the evening. the evening here the opposite, crystal clear, we will talk about how things develop towards sunday coming up. while we are looking at nice weekend here, forecasts are saying there are dangerous tornado outbreaks that will hit the midwest tomorrow afternoon. they released a rare high risk for severe weather from oklahoma city to tulsa, to wichita, kansas and omaha. the last time the agency issued a high risk this far before a storm was in april of last year, that was right before the tornado outbreak in tuscaloosa
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and birmingham, alabama. is your source for everything that happens in tornado alley. teams of storm chasers, many stream video live so you can see them as they race to get close so they can get pictures of the storms. go to and click on the tornado alley link at the top of the page. the there will ver be another hurricane irene ever game. the name irene is being retired from hurricane names. normally a name can be used every six years, because the 2011 hurricane killed 49 people and caused $15 billion many damages, it won't be used again. man prosecutors and police say was responsible for a double fatal hit and run crash that killed two girls last summer will walk free. the verdict came down a few hours ago.
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brian kuebler joins us live with more. >> the teenagers were killed when police say it was ruben dunn who hit them on mlk and kept going. it was the same argument put on by prosecutors this week but didn't stick with the baltimore city jury who acquitted dunn. the state relied on the testimony of dunn's girlfriend who pleaded guilty to her part in the accident. in exchange for her testimony against dunn. it didn't work. charges were dropped including vehicular manslaughter. it's not the verdict the families of the teens wanted to hear. they were hoping dunn would get the maximum, instead he walked free. families are distraught at this news, we spoke to them a few minutes ago, we will have more reaction at 6 and 11. a store does not have a drive through window, at least it didn't used to. don harrison explains what
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happened here. >> reporter: this window is being fixed at the royal farms store on joppa road in parkville. the window is broken, because of this, police say an elderly man drove his car over the curb, in to the store, people in the dry cleaning store next door, heard the crash. police believe the drive hit the gas pedal instead of the brake and the car was trust in to the store. it may seem unusual but people have seen this before. >> i've done from five to six of these. >> reporter: joe is one of the workers fixing the window. >> i haven't seen it this bad. i would say it not usually like this where a car ends up insides the store. normally hits the store front, breaks the glass, no big deal, just a mess. >> reporter: ron saw the after
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math and wonders if the person should still be driving. >> he did something like that to a window, people aren't going to be safe out there, it could be at that time has to gi it's something he has to figure out. >> reporter: nobody was severely hurt by the mistake. soon it will be a distant memory. >> before you know it, it will look like it used to. >> reporter: parkville, don harrison, abc2 news. >> the driver and passenger were taken to sinai hospital to be checked out. a 21-year-old reisterstown woman was killed in a 2-car crash yesterday evening. kara marion cook was headed northbound on green spring and her career ended another vehicle. cook was taken to sinai where she died. a judge denied bail for bel air man captured after robbing a bank in harford county. jeff hager joins us with how
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police got their man. >> he allegedly robbed the wrong place and certainly at the wrong time. police say it will-year-old david hays walked in to the pnc bank thursday and handed a note to the teller demanding money. he made wuf the cash and -- made off with the cash and jumped in to his car. a baltimore county helicopter happened to be in the air when the call came out there had been a bank robbery and it followed his car to where officers set up a roadblock on routes 1 and 152, he bailed out of the car at the fallston wal- mart but wouldn't get far. >> police everywhere, helicopters, fbi trucks pulling in the driveway, told everyone to stay where they are at, shut the whole street down. >> he was handcuffed. cops surrounded him. it was crazy. >> heys was an un employed construction worker with a 7- year-old daughter and a
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graduate of c millton wright high school. police discovered the note in his pocket along with $3000 in cash taken from the bank. jeff hager, abc2 news. taking a look at some of the top stories around the nation, tonight a small new england town is in shock after a drug bust erupted in a hail of gunfire. four officers were wounded and the town's long time police chief, just days from retiring was killed. paul has more. >> reporter: in tiny new hampshire, they are trying to figure out how a tragedy like this could have happened to them. it's sad it has come down to something like this. >> reporter: started around 6:00 last night, when officers tried to ser avenue search warrant at the home of 29-year- old collin, a man with a history of drugs and wents charges. leading the way was a police
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chief, michael maloneny, he and drug task force detectives moved in, officials say the suspect gunned them down. >> police officers and chief ma lony, attempted to gain entry in to the residence, gun shots were fired and the officers were struck. >> reporter: maloneny, who had 26 years on the job did not make it. he had been chief for 12 years. was set to retire in just 8 days. the suspect and unidentified women remain held up in the house for hours, negotiating with police. at 2:00 a.m., more gunfire, then silence. police robot discovered two bodies. >> most of them had sustained gunshot wounds, either as a double suicide or a potential murder suicide. >> the greenland, 3500 people, are devastated. a neighbor who lives a half
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mile down the road from the scene, said a surprise party for the chief's retirement had already been planned. a northeast ohio man shot and killed his wife and a daughter in the crowded restaurant. it happened at a cracker barrel restaurant in brooklyn, ohio, outside of cleveland. authorities say kevin allen's wife, called 911 from the restaurant saying allen was upset because she said she was leaving him. when police arrived, he was shot dead by officers. another daughter survived the shooting. a judge is once again refusing to throw out the child sex abuse charges against jerry sandusky. the judge are allow attorneys to ask for the charges to be dismissed again after evidence is turned over by prosecutors. he is accused of sexually abusing 10 boys over the course of 15 years. sandusky who denied the allegations is under house
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arrest until the trial gets underway june 5th. general motors is recalling about 50,000 crossover suvs to fix a problem with the wind shield wipers, the recall includes traverse, enclays, arcadias. regulators say ice and snow can prevent the wipers from moving making the arm come loose and malfunction. dealers will tighten the wipers, no crashes or injuries have been reported. real estate experts say we should expect a flood of foreclosed properties hitting the market. banks didn't pursue last year because of the increased attention from regulators before the approval of the $26 billion mortgage settlement with the federal government. the settlement is expected to mean stricter guidelines which could speed up the foreclosure
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process. filings have gone up 10% in the first quarter of this year. most girls dream about what they are going to wear to prom for years, what they don't is the bills that come with it.
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for young ladies in high school it's one of the most critical decisions they will make in their lives. not talking about what college, it's what dress to wear for the prom. we sent our own fashion expert to help you find the dress that fits your body and budget.
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>> reporter: for high school senior girls, it's their cinderella moment. for parents, it's a challenge. >> there are so many styles, it can be overwhelming. >> reporter: at the boutique, the goal is to match the dress to a girl. the owner does this without breaking the bank. >> girls look through magazines and fantasizing about what they are going to be wearing to the special occasion. my goal is to make sure the dresses flatter them and make them beautiful as they possibly can be. >> we want you to feel beautiful, we don't want you to take a second mortgage to do that. >> reporter: from the 8th grade dance, there is one all
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important no-no. >> not having the same dress. >> reporter: this shop keeps detailed records, another tip,. >> never buy on line, you don't know what you are going to get. there are no guarantees. >> reporter: consignment shops like where it's at in reisterstown offer another option, not all the dresss are used and there are huge bargains. >> a lot of them are brand new, someone bought one or two dresss and couldn't decide and ran out of time the take it back. retails for $700. >> reporter: finding the right dress could be as rewarding for the seller as the buyer. >> when someone walks out of the dressing room and eyes light up, it's the best feeling in the universe for them and for us. now, maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weather rate.
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>> tist is season. we had pictures that they had made me bring this. look at this, i was gorgeous. >> i had hair then. that was the one thing. >> what happened? >> she is one of my oldest friends. only girlfriend i ever had that didn't hate me. >> powder blue, ruffles. >> it's in deep storage for a reason. take a look outside right now. it's a beautiful sunny day. gorgeous spring weather, that's the story for us. 64 degrees, humidity, bone dry. that's one of the reasons if we have weather concerns, the first half of the weekend, it could be the potential for more
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of the brush fires to pop up. things are so dry. sunshine, on tap. such a bright sunny pattern for this part of april, historically, rainy month for us, around maryland. not so much thisee. annapolis, blue skies over the capital, blue skies towson. most cameras are going to show you the same. clear, crystal clear on maryland's most powerful radar. temperatures now, pretty comfortable stuff, more seasonable after a few days in the 50s, in to mid-60s this afternoon. winds steady northwest, breezy weather and as we look a look, see the humidity percentages, 20% or less, we don't have the wind of earlier this week, and a few showers around in the last 48 hours. it's enough to keep us below red flag criteria at least, but again, outdoor burning, ill adviseed this weekend. neighborhood by neighborhood
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forecast, reisterstown 72, in to the low 70s, severn. good looking day for our saturday. crystal clear over the region right now. no weather locally to tell you about. the more significant storms have been firing up to the south and west of oklahoma, north texas and reaching up in to kansas and southwestern, missouri. rough weather night for them, in to the first part of the weekend. here, high pressure still controlling, and the coolest air offshore, warmer air is on the move. tomorrow, we will see things warm up a few degrees, sundays the warm front arriving, pushing temperature ace above 80 for sunday and monday. what a change that will be. the trend, crystal year tonight, clear for most of our saturday. where there are changes, comes from saturday night in to the early part of sunday morning, stop it here 11:00 at night. weather up in pennsylvania it appears and maybe we will get a
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glancing blow, a few showers around here through sunday morning, and we think it clears out through the day. if we get the showers sunday morning, it's rain we need. again, i'm not holding my breath. any rain we see will be light and scattered and brief. overnight, 40, mostly cloudy, not as chilly. 2-degree guarantee saturday, 7 4, sunny early and warm up through the day. clouds will increase as we go in to your saturday night, temperatures falling to 5 2- rbgs a mild evening, great looking saturday night in the city and across the state. the changes begin sunday, and lasting in to monday. see it here on the seven-day forecast as we look ahead. it looks like we have two words, it will be mild, and warmer, how is that? temperatures running in to the 80s, and i think even mid-80s are possible monday, if we get significant rain it's likely to
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come tuesday in to wednesday. crew members freaking out on flights have been all over the headlines, jet blue pilot had to restrained while the co- pilot made an emergency landing. that's the focus on 2020 tonight. >> reporter: sometimes crazed passengers give the pilot little choice but to take drastic measures. back in 2001, twin sisters were flying from san francisco to shanghai to enter a modeling competition. once in the air they fought with each other and began cursing, screaming and spitting at fellow passengers. the crew steps in. one flight attendant is punched in the nose. and the captain is hit in the head. >> wow. find out what happened next on
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2020, right here on abc 2 news at 10:00. patients turned to them for years but not always known what they were talking about. the secrets of chinese medicine.
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turning 40 is a big milestone, especially for your eyes, ophthalmologists say it's the page when people come plain of changes in vision and when they can usually see the first signs of eye disease.
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it's important to though your family history, take in to risk factor, smoking and diabetes and get a eye exam at age 40. age remedies are giving up their secrets to modern science, researchers used dna to reveal the ingredients of chinese medicines. some contain plants with chemicals, to nick the wrong dosage but didn't list concentrations. some contain soy and nuts. auditing could make it easier to regulate the ingredients. no you like to enjoy a beer with the pizza or any other food, a new study from the university of illinois found that drinking beer could make you smarter. scientists compared a group of drunk and sober people and found drinkers were good at problem solving. despite the beer brain boost, in some areas it lowers memory
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capacity. is your place for all the beer d no all the health news you need, check out the health headlines, find a different health categories to help you get the information you and your family need. if you are looking for something fun and worthwhile to do tomorrow, walk for the wishes at the university of maryland. it's all to benefit the make a wish foundation, it's taking place at the comcast center. the money raised is for fundraising to fulfill dreams for kids facing life threatening medical conditions. check in is at 8:30 tomorrow and the event runs through noon. he spends his days in a suit. last night it should have been big on his chest instead of three buttons, why the mayor is hailed as a hero. people don't always carry a
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camera because they have smart phones for that. a look at the coolest apps to get the best shot possible.
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we are getting you up to the minute on abc2 news at 5:30. dangerous tornado outbreaks are predicted for the midwest, this afternoon and running through the weekend. nowa issued a rare high risk for severe weather from oklahoma, north to nebraska, the last time the agency issued a high risk was last year before the tornado outbreak that killed 3 the 2 people in alabama. talk about a drive through this was the scene at the world farms on joppa road. an elderly man drove this jeep over the curb in to the store. he hit the gas instead of


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